Eco panel represent the superior way to build, is simpler and easier to install than other systems. It’s faster, taking less time with fewer people and it’s better because Eco Panel building are vastly more energy efficient, stronger and quieter.

  • This is the better Way to build.
  • Significant energy savings.
  • Reduce noise transmission.
  • Eco Panel system gets the job done faster.
  • You save on transportation costs and delivery time.
  • Eco Panel easier to ship and easier to handle.
  • Eco panel system is easy to learn, requiring less time for training, panels are joined to gather fast and the job is done sooner.
  • Install windows and doors opening fast.
  • Train in less time with our, easy to understand, integrated system.
  • Assemble walls, roof of any size.
  • Electrical and plumbing installations are fast and easy.

Better and No limits to design:

  • This state of the art method of construction is also the simplest.
  • Gives you unlimited design flexibility.
  • Eco panel cuts easily into any shape you need.
  • Exterior or interior finish can be directly applied to panels.

Residential team:

  • There is no limit to what can be built with Eco Panel.
  • Eco panel buildings save your money by offering superior energy efficient.

Technical specification of the panel:

  • Produced from pre – painted galvanized steel high quality and polystyrene thermal insulation which according to ASTM standard.
  • Thickness of the pre- painted steel between 0.4 mm to 0.6 mm according to our customer requirements.
  • Pre- painted steel is painted top site with 20 mic. Nominal (5 mic primer +15 mic polyester) and 10 mic for bottom site (5 mic primer +5 mic polyester ).
  • Zink concentrates 40 g/M2 or 60 g/M2
  • Fire retardant polystyrene with different thickness (5 cm +7.5 cm+10 cm & 15 cm) high quality according to ASTMstandard.
  • Glue material is polyol and MDI which give a very effective glue material.
  • Sandwich panel used as perfect solution for cold stores, farms, Port cabin, refrigerated area and hangers.

For Wall:
Width: 1.16 meter.
Length: as required.
Thickness: 5 c.m, 7.5 cm, 10 cm & 15 cm
Density: – 16 kg/M3, 24 kg/M3 & 28 kg/M3
External /internal skin (sheet Kirby, wood, cement board &gypsum board).
Sheet skin: white thick 0.4mm

For Roof:
Width: 1.01 meter.
Length: as required.
Thickness: 5 cm,7.5 cm & 10 cm.
Density: 16kg/M3, 24kg/M3 & 28 kg/M3
External /internal skin (sheet Kirby sheet aluminum).
Sheet skin: white thick 0.4 mm

Additional Eco Panel Advantages:

  • Moisture – Resistant: The indoor climate of your eco panel home is protected by the air. 
  • Air Tight: It provides greater control of interior air qualities. 
  • Sound proof: Eco panel reduce noise pollution. 
  • Cost: The cost to build with Eco Panel will be comparable to other energy efficient structures but with many additional benefits. 
  • Heating and cooling: The minute you move into your Eco Panel system you. Begin saving money, that’s because Eco Panel (Wall, roof) are air tight and have big insulation value. 
  • Resale value: All the features integrated into an Eco Panel system add value when it comes time to sell. Many appraisers consider energy efficiency when determining home’s value.

Environmental Facts:

  • Reduce energy costs .
  • Uses recycled materials whenever possible.
  • Qualifies for energy –efficient mortgages .
  • Improve indoor air quality.
  • Reduce mold problems .
  • Eco  Panel is a member of the U S green building – council.

Training Program

  • New skills for a better way to build.
  • At Eco Panel –  our trainer stand ready to help you build the skills that can take your career to an entirely new level.Construction, electrical and plumbing installation, interior and exterior finishes, environmental benefits, energy savings and safety, we cover it all.

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