Eastern Coast Polystyrene factory was first established in 1992 by Awad issa Al Saleh in Safwa, Dammam over an area of 35,000 m2 with the aim of providing advanced, light weight and effective solution to packing to the agricultural sector in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia. As the market developed and agricltural growth accelerated; ECP reminded abreast in this high market pace by continual development of its manufacturing and manpower capabilities.

Our Vision

As the construction sector in the kingdom developed and became more demanding the need arose for the more practical and effective insulation requirements. and so to cope with market demand the entire factory was redeveloped and the entire production line replaced with the latest state of the art German technology machines.
In 2007 Eastern Coast Polystyrene adopted the principles and practices of ISO 9001 Standar – Quality Management Systems to further improve its processes and to satisfy customer and market requirements. This paved way for the organization to compete in a much larger stage, the GCC market.

Our Mission

Today, Eastern Coast Polystyrene is one of the Largest producers of EPS products in Saudi Arabia. With over 7 years of experience along with state of the art production machineries and highly competent personnel.
ECP is recognized as one of the most reliable supplier of vegetable boxes in agricultural sector and thermal insulations in the construction sector inside the kingdom and its neighboring countries such as UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar.

Quality Policy:

Eastern Coast Polystyrene is committed to be the market leader in the manufacturing of Polystyrene insulation surface, vegetable boxes and block inserts, by continually developing its resources and Products to exceed customer requirements. We are dedicated to deliver defect free products on-time & every time at the most competitive price.
Eastern Coast Polystyrene shall always develop, review and maintain its Quality Management System to enhance customer satisfaction, improve its practice and continually conforms to ISO 9001 requirements.

Expanded polystyrene (EPS):

Expanded polystyrene is plastic material with closed cells at its production depends on the process of polymerization of styrene and raw material that results in two degrees, regular and class for ignition resistance, it is an organic chemical compound from petroleum derivatives

Polystyrene Product Features:

  • Low weight and low thermal conductivity value.
  • Waterproof and moisture proof.
  • Most of the chemicals are not harmful physiologically.
  • It has no taste or smell.
  • It is not nutritious micro-organisms.

Expanded Polystyrene Application

Construction: Can be used as an insulation for roof and wall.
Packing: It is considered as the best material for packging due to its less weight, flexibility and ability to stand shocks.
Decoration: Can be used for all kind of decoration from outside and inside, due to their high flexibility making it easier to set up a process to suit all preferences.
Other Application: HIgh Flexibility of this material can be used in many application that market may need from household items, Cooler for foods, Fish boxes, boxes for medicines to save, and many more.

Our products:


It has become one of the key elements of modern construction as it testified its high reliability of insulation by reducing the cost of energy , and in addition to its contribution in declining usage of insulating block for roof, building materials, it also relieves the burden of building structure.The factory producing multi densities of insulators ranging between 16kg/cub.m and 40kg/cub.m.
We have also possibilities of designing different sizes of palets according to the specification required by using computer.Our products s are free from CFC(Freon Gas) and with Testing Method of ASTM C578-01.Fire classification are based on a small scale fire test and may not reflect the reaction of organic cellular foam insulations to actual fire condition. These materials should not be exposed to open flame or other ignition source on site,during storage,installation and usage.
Note: Higher density products are avaliable upon request

Eco Board

The factory produces “over lap” by high mechanical standards that can’t absorb water.It uses for making articulation, construction roofs & walls. Its average density is higher than density of polystyrene sheets and it will be produce by using special mould in order to have the max density, solidity and weight.
Its dimensions 1.20m*0.60m*5cm

Eco Board-Roof

The roof panel insulation is characterized by having closed cells which keep out heat, humidity, and sound in an ideal way. It is also available in the form of overlapping boards which are easy to fix with one another without letting in any amount of heat, with a density of 32-35 kg/cub.m. They are packed inside cases for protection from any damage moving them.

Eco Board-Wall

The wall panel insulation has same qualities of the roof panel insulation with a difference in density which is24-26 kg/cub.m.

Block Insert

BLOCK-INSERT: Is inserting insulation used for manufacturing insulated concrete blocks with a density ranging from 18 to 35 kg/m3:
Minimal Aging Effect: ECO-INSERT is produced by heat expansion, the fact that NO Blowing agent (such as CFC and HCFC) are contained makes it STABLE as it only uses natural dry air inside and between the cells (the amount of residual pentane used for expanding the beads is less than 0.50%).
ECO-INSERT: is available in two thicknesses (6 cm & 7.5 cm).
ECO-INSERT: is free from CFC (Freon Gas) and with Testing Method of ASTM C 578-01.
ECO-INSERT: is fire retardant and better than Extruded in this case.

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